CNC Glass Cutting Line

Glass Double Edger Production Line

Automatic Horizontal Glass Seaming Machine

Horizontal Glass Washing & Drying Machine

Vertical Glass Straight-line Edging Machine

Vertical Glass Straight-line Mitering Machine

Vertical Glass Straight-line Beveling Machine

Vertical Glass Washing & Drying Machine

CNC Glass Drilling Machine

Vertical Automatic Double Heads Drilling Machine

Vertical Automatic Sand-blasting Machine

Glass Shape Grinding Machine

Automatic Glass Drilling Machine

CNC WaterJet Cutting Machine

CNC Glass Working Center

CNC On-line Glass Working Center

CNC Round Corner Grinding Machine

Heat Soak Test Furnace

EVA Laminating Machine

UV Printing Machine

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SGU is a company specialized in Glass Pre-precessing machinery. We bring and create the value to our customers by offering one-stop and hassle free solution. We dedicate to conquering the industrial pain points such as applicability, afer-sales service and cost-efficiency, we do the customer care since the 1st stage - Consultancy and Planning until the After-sales service even the upgrading of previous machines, we are keen on making every penny of our customers' investment with return...

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